Orange Peel Skin – Treatment

Orange Peel Skin Treatment


The treatment of orange peel skin, or cellulite, can be complex for a number of women as their condition may have been caused by a combination of factors.  This means there is no single treatment plan that can be recommended to all women.

Fortunately for many women, getting rid of cellulite can be simple [I didn’t say easy] as you are about to find out.  Cellulite results from fatty deposits with enlarged fat cells under the surface of the skin, that in combination with inelastic connective tissues in the skin, create the irregular skin surface described as orange peel skin.

You must also understand that cellulite appears in those areas that do not have good circulation such as the hips and upper thighs, as the poor circulation in these areas explains why diet does not work as the only treatment for cellulite in many women, as your body will burn fat from it’s most ‘accessible stores’ first.

Based on research to date, the most recommended treatment for cellulite for most women involves the combination of:

  • diet [a low carb/fat burning dietis best],

    Orange Peel Skin Treatment

  • targeted aerobic exercise routine [click my YouTube link above for some good exercise routines], and
  • the regular application of a good cellulite cream, this will [at the very minimum] serve to improve circulation to the affected areas.

Obviously, every woman is different and will be affected by cellulite by a greater or lesser amount, and this will influence how difficult or easy you will find it in getting rid of Orange Peel Skin or keeping it under control.

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One success story

Luckily, for my wife, she has been very fortunate in her fight against cellulite, as she has found the regular application of a good cellulite cream is sufficient to keep her orange peel skin under control.

The only downside that she has found to ‘her solution’ is that it she needs to apply cellulite cream daily, which really isn’t a big issue, otherwise she finds that her cellulite can re-appear – so it really hasn’t cured her condition – but it has solved her problem and she feels much more confident in a bikini.

Orange Peel Skin on ThighAs orange peel skin, or cellulite, is a condition experienced mostly by women you will not be surprised to find that hormones have been clinically confirmed as playing a significant role in the development of this condition.

As hormones play such a significant role in the development of orange peel skin, the one question that remains unanswered is :

How much has the [birth control] Pill contributed to the cellulite problem experienced by so many women?

Apart from hormones, cellulite can result from a multitude of possible contributing factors that include:

  • Genetics,
  • Race,
  • Diet,
  • Circulation,
  • Lymphatic system, and
  • Stress

The bottom line is that orange peel skin, or cellulite, results from fatty deposits under the surface of the skin.   These fatty deposits have enlarged fat cells that when combined with skin connective tissues that have lost their elasticity, result in the dimples and bumps that appear on the surface of the skin.

Assuming you have also read the information on orange peel skin, you will now have the background knowledge about cellulite and its causes that will assist you in understanding this skin condition and the next post in this series will discuss the treatment of orange peel skin.

Orange peel skin is a term that is used to describe the irregular, dimpled and uneven skin surface that can appear on various parts of a woman’s body, mostly on her thighs, hips, and waist.

This irregular skin surface condition is also referred to as cellulite.

Orange Peel Skin

A number of people assume that cellulite is a physical substance that actually causes these irregularities to the skin surface.

So just in case you are under the same assumption, you will be interested to learn that cellulite does not actually exist – as cellulite is only a description of this dimpled, blotchy and irregular skin condition.

The fact that cellulite does not exist is of no assistance to the very high proportion of women that are affected by this appearance of their skin on various parts of their body.

It is estimated that between 85 to 98% of all women are, or will be, affected by orange peel skin and it is certainly worth noting that this estimate applies across all races.

Because this condition affects such a high proportion of all women, there is very strong justification to describing orange peel skin, or cellulite, as normal for any woman, as opposed to it being any form of skin disorder.

Most women will be comforted to find cellulite is “normal”, however once again, this comforting knowledge does absolutely nothing toward solving this problem.

Many women should be able to reduce or even get rid of their cellulite problem using the orange peel skin treatment routine that will be published on this site shortly, however the next installment in this series of posts discusses the causes of orange peel skin.

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